Education Will Take You Far

For many kids, there are only a few roads that lead to better opportunities. Education was the road traveled by recent college graduate and future educator, Brynn Rone

Brynn grew up in Cincinnati, OH but was sent to live with his cousin in Alpharetta, GA. He grew up with a single mother who made the decision to send him and his brother to live in Alpharetta because she believed his cousin could help him change his life. As Brynn tells it, “I was a self-proclaimed troublemaker in school”, making his classroom In School Suspension (ISS). Typically, students who are constantly in trouble are often overlooked and cast aside by teachers. For Brynn, this was exactly his experience. He moved throughout school, mostly in trouble, until one educator steered him on a different road.

He credits his middle school counselor as someone who saw through him and saw his potential.

As Brynn was making his normal morning trip to ISS, she stopped and told him that she believed in him and from there, their relationship grew. As Brynn tells it, “she showed me the grace of God”.

According to the U.S. Department of Education Office for Civil Rights, Black students are suspended and expelled at a rate three times greater than white students. For Black Boys, 1 in 4 will be suspended in their k-12 experience. High rates of suspension are directly correlated with incarceration rates – this is the theory behind the “School to Prison Pipeline”.

For Brynn, this was not the road he wanted to travel. Growing up without a father gave him the motivation to be a role model to kids in similar circumstances. As he tells it, “I want to be there for a child and be an example of something greater for society”. Brynn is embarking on a journey to be that one educator in the life of a student who may be, unknowingly, entering into the pipeline. His goal is to be an educator prepared to tap into students potential, see their value and place them on a road to better opportunity.

It is critical that future educators like Brynn are at the forefront of the education movement.

He carries with him his experience navigating school, the stories from his community, and has a deep passion for impacting communities of color throughout the United States. Brynn is looking to enter the classroom  in August 2018 and join the 2% of men of color across the country who are leading the work to be better role models for kids.

At the beginning of his senior year in college, Brynn joined Profound Gentlemen (PG),

 an educational development and support program designed for male educators of color. Brynn works closely with his local Atlanta Impact leader and Atlanta Cohort Gentlemen around three areas of focus: Character Development, Content Development, and Community Impact Leadership. PG believes that through authenticity, community, and trust, men of color can be their best selves and lead lives that will impact their community.

By pouring into Brynn and providing him with a network of support, we know that he will develop tools to journey on a road that will unlock his passion- teaching, leading, and one day starting a community center and creating youth initiatives centered athletics, academics, and self-care.