The Tools to Change the World

By Righteous Keitt

Earlier this month Profound Gentlemen received a grant from the African American Community Foundation (AACF)! This partnership with the AACF will give over 50 high school students across the Charlotte area access to the revolutionary app, GAMEPLAN. GAMEPLAN is an app made to give students a simple and straightforward way of creating resumes, exploring careers, and connecting to colleges and Universities across the country.

According to Travis Manigan, the founder of GAMEPLAN, “The work we are doing with Profound Gentlemen will help many students who don’t have definitive career paths get connected. Mario Jovan Shaw, the co-founder of Profound Gentlemen had this to say about the new partnership I am looking forward to seeing more students of color being able to pursue their purpose before going to college.”

Profound Gentlemen could not be more excited to have the privilege of sharing GAMEPLAN with so many creative minds. We strongly believe that our students “Can’t Be What They Can’t See”, which is why we strive to make sure boys of color from Charlotte to Chicago are given well trained and well-supported teachers that look just like them.

One teacher can impact twenty students per class, but 100 teachers have the potential to impact thousands, this is why our focus will always be giving our teachers and students the tools necessary to change the world.


If you want to learn how you change a student’s life forever, make sure you visit our website to see how you could help or even become a Profound Gentlemen

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